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personalized Life Coaching

As a certified life coach I can help you live a more balanced and productive life.  I can assist you in maximizing your potential and reaching your goals. I will support you, encourage you, and ultimately help you become the best version of yourself. I counsel clients on a wide variety of issues. Struggling with imposter syndrome? I will help you regain confidence in your abilities. If you are lacking motivation or productivity, I will guide you through developing positive habits to overcome these mental blocks. Other areas in which I have experience coaching include: improving communication, fostering better relationships, achieving professional goals, developing good eating and exercise habits, and managing stress.

Whatever your personal and professional aspirations are, I have services that will help you to reach them. Book a complimentary session below to learn more.

"Adina is a very thoughtful and insightful coach. She consistently helps to pull and tease out my thoughts to help me better understand what it is i am trying to work through." 

 my services

  • healthy lifestyle & weight loss

  • career growth

  • coping with stress

  • improving communication

  • Decluttering/ORGANIzing

  • imposter syndrome

  • developing positive habits

  • increasing motivation

  • improving self-confidence

  • enhancing relationships

past coaching clients:

CLIENT NEEDING to reorganize their life 


  • Middle-aged man needing to declutter and foster new healthy habits


  • Looked at values around change and holding onto material things

  • Created weekly de-cluttering goals with easily achievable objectives

  • Guided client through confidence building exercises to encourage growth

Person suffering from isolation due to covid-19 pandemic


  • Client needs to develop strategies for creating new friendships

  • Wants to gain more motivation for carrying out daily activities and fun hobbies


  • Strategized fun activities to help the client get out and meet new people

  • Introduced client to podcasts, books, and exercises on meditation and mindfulness

  • Encouraged and guided client to create a vision board, subsequently used for daily motivation

Recent college grad feeling overwhelmed


  • College grad needs to get unstuck and wants support navigating their next chapter in life


  • Created weekly schedules to accomplish specific goals

  • Partnered to create healthy eating and exercise plan

  • Explored client's assumptions regarding long term goals and future plans

new mother navigating life with a baby


  • New mother wanting advice and guidance for figuring out how to live a balanced life with a new baby


  • Assisted in blocking off time for self-care

  • Explored values around work and family to aid in decision about returning to work

  • Assessed priorities regarding relocation

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