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Life Coaching Case Studies

Past Life Coaching Clients

Client Needing to Reorganize His Life

Client's Needs

Middle-aged man needing to de-clutter and foster new healthy habits.


Adina's Coaching

  • Looked at values around change and holding on to material things.


  • Created weekly de-cluttering goals with easily achievable  objectives.

  • Guided client through confidence building exercises to encourage growth.

Person Suffering from Isolation Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Client's Needs

Client needs to develop strategies for creating new friendships

   Wants to gain more motivation for carrying out daily activities, fun, and hobbies.


Adina's Coaching

  • Strategized fun activities to help the client get out and meet new people.

  • Introduced client to podcasts, books, and exercises on meditation and mindfulness.

  • Encouraged and guided client to create a vision board, subsequently used for daily motivation.

Recent College Grad Feeling Overwhelmed

Client's Needs

College grad needs to get unstuck and wants support navigating their next chapter in life.

Adina's Coaching

  • Created weekly schedules to accomplish specific goals.

  • Partnered to create a healthy eating and exercise plan.

  • Explored client's assumptions regarding long-term goals and future plans.


New Mother Navigating Life with a Baby

Client's Needs

New mother wanting advice and guidance to figure out how to live a balanced life with an infant.

Adina's Coaching

  • Assisted in blocking off time for self-care.

  • Explored values around work and family to aid in her return-to-work decision.

  • Assessed priorities regarding relocation.

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