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New Year, New Trends and Tips for Job Seekers

A Peek Into the Current Job Market

2021 saw a record number of workers voluntarily leave their jobs. Employers have scrambled to fill positions and employees have gained flexibility that is, dare I say, “unprecedented.” Additionally, the proliferation of remote work has enabled job seekers to expand their search to virtually anywhere. This means that there’s no time like the present to make a shift, should you wish. Consider the following trends and tips as you reflect on your professional trajectory for 2022.

1. Highlight “Softs” on Your Resume

Employers are increasingly valuing so-called “soft” skills (adaptability, communication, cooperation) and are predicted to continue doing so over the next decade. Now that a happy and healthy work environment is a key driver in recruitment, companies have reprioritized soft skills in their hiring with the recognition that some hard skills can be taught in time. So, update your resume to highlight your soft skills, and if you formerly shied away from positions of interest because you didn’t meet a criterion or two, now might be the time to revisit those postings and communicate a willingness to learn.

2. Negotiate

Naturally, the current landscape finds job seekers privileged with the ability to drive a hard bargain. Reflect on your priorities and ask accordingly. Do you require a more competitive salary? Would you prefer to engage in remote or hybrid work than go into the office daily? Is the amount of PTO you were offered satisfactory? Recruits have a unique opportunity to negotiate a work-life balance like never before, just take care to make the “ask” strategically.

3. Beware Bells & Whistles

With employees holding the cards in 2022’s job market, job seekers are sure to encounter tempting perks that companies depend upon when recruiting top talent. When you do, differentiate between gimmicks meant to mask a toxic work environment and genuine benefits that will enhance your quality of life. Free dinners might taste pretty bitter if they’re at the cost of burning the midnight oil, so evaluate company culture before you sign on the dotted line.

4. Get Digital

In a cramped market and with the ever-increasing essentiality of social media in hiring, employers will work to digitally differentiate themselves – focusing (or rehabilitating) their brand in order to sell why they’re special. In turn, you should leverage social media to your advantage. Monitor your dream company’s social accounts for job postings.. Right-size your algorithm by engaging with sponsored content pertaining to employment. Use your online profiles to communicate your unique value proposition. Aimlessly scroll no more – you’ve got a digital network to build and brand to hone.

Go forth and conquer, and cheers to 2022! May it bring brighter days (along with its already bright job market).

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