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Slow down, you move too fast

My phone rang at 6:30 am on a Saturday. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and answered, knowing it was my 19 year-old daughter who was exploring Amsterdam for the weekend.

As soon as I picked up, she turned her camera around and pointed it in the direction of a pair of musicians singing on a busy street. I watched with her as an opera singer, accompanied by an accordionist, serenaded the passersby with her transcendent voice. She belted out aria after aria, with each tune more gorgeous than the one before. Occasionally, people stopped to give the musicians a few coins. Many people walked by without even noticing the pair.

My daughter was brought to tears by the performance, as was I.

As I watched my daughter's eyes fill with tears, I felt immensely proud to be her mother. In that moment, she was totally present and able to take in some of the magic that fills the world. She was moved by the music, present to the wonder.

We miss so much by being lost in our own thoughts. Our brains are full of “to do” lists and revisiting past experiences. Our “monkey mind” keeps us from living in the present.

While it can be hard to resist the stressful thoughts in our head, it is important to find time throughout the day to take a break from whatever is causing these daunting feelings. Put your phone and computer away, take a walk, meditate, read, or even simply just find time to breathe for a few minutes. These healthy habits will allow you to revisit the present and live outside of your mind.

During this time where our New Year's Resolutions may be losing steam, try to incorporate this new self care resolution into your everyday life. We need to take care of our brains as much as we need to take care of bodies. Incorporating mindfulness into daily routine will help keep your brain in great shape.

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