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Pushing Past Procrastination

How to overcome the "I'll Do it Later" mentality

Pushing past procrastination to reach your career and life goals

I confess, blogging is not my favorite thing to do. I’m new to it and I know it will get easier with practice but right now, I will do anything to avoid it.

Check out all the things I did before putting my “tush on the cush” to write this blog:

  1. Started a load of laundry

  2. Returned phone calls

  3. Bought groceries

  4. Checked Facebook and responded to messages

  5. Scheduled appointments

  6. Checked and responded to emails

  7. Wrote thank-you notes

  8. Checked Linked In and responded to messages

  9. Made tea. Made more tea.

  10. Did hip exercises

  11. Reached out to friends regarding weekend plans

  12. Cleaned my desk

  13. Read an article about Timothee Chalamet’s latest project (my movie star crush)

Why Do We Procrastinate?

Why did I spend the entire morning procrastinating rather than doing the most important thing I needed to do?

Probably because I’m afraid the post won’t be good. That no one will want to read it and those who do will quickly lose interest. Because it makes me slightly uncomfortable to think about it and discomfort is something I avoid. (See my post #1 on Fear)

Looking for a new job can be unpleasant. Each step of the process - from creating a resume and LinkedIn profile to interviewing to negotiating an offer - can create anxiety and avoidance in even the calmest of people.

It’s vulnerability at its worst.

We feel as if we are being judged, and in fact we are.

Overcoming Procrastination

One of the techniques I use to circumvent my own tendency to procrastinate is to set up a reward for when I complete a task. For example, when I finish writing this blog, I’m getting outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Another technique is to make an appointment with myself. If I block out the time on my calendar, I am more likely to complete the task during this period.

By far my biggest motivator is knowing that my marketing helper is waiting to receive my blog. I am accountable to her and I don’t want to let her down.

Getting UnStuck

I work with many people who have stayed at their jobs far longer than they should. They are burnt out or dissatisfied but stay because they don’t feel qualified to do anything else.

They feel stuck.

Through their work with me, I help them to see their unique skills and gifts. I provide accountability and push clients to test their assumptions about themselves and their capabilities.

This is tough stuff. It’s ok to ask for help. (Hint: Your resume isn’t terrible; it just needs a little work.)

How would our lives be different if we didn’t put off the things that made us uncomfortable?

If we were able to get help whenever we hit a rough patch?

Have you developed any helpful strategies to fight procrastination?

Tell me your thoughts on procrastination in the comments. (I’m going outside now.)

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